E11 July 2022

This release notes document describes the details of version E12/13 in the following platforms:

E11 release notes

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version E11-22 for all of our cloud services:

New features

Speed profile


Trips now include speed profiles as part of their metadata, displaying a line graph of:

  • vehicle driving speed

  • posted speed limits

Throughout the course of every active trip, the dashcam uploads the GPS location to the cloud every five (5) seconds. When posted speed limit is available for the recorded GPS point, the vehicle driving speed and the posted speed limit are also stored with the trip at that GPS point, in addition to the latitude, longitude and other trip-related data.

Managers can leverage this data to review a driver's driving behavior, analyze trends, and enforce organizational policies.


This is the first phase of the implementation of the speed profile. In the future, we will develop more speed-related features and include additional databases for improved accuracy.

The Surfsight® Portal

From the Surfsight® Portal, users can view the speed profile from the Maps area.

When you select a trip to view, the speed profile appears under the map, similar to the following image:



For more information about trips and maps, see View trip history.


Speed profile can be retrieved as part of the API /devices/{imei}/gps call, which now includes the following new parameters:

  • postedSpeed - when available, the general speed limit for most vehicles that is posted at the specific geographical point, in meters per second.

  • postedSpeedTrailer - when available, the speed limit for trailers that is posted at the specific geographical point, in meters per second.

  • postedSpeedhvg - when available, the speed limit for heavy goods vehicles that is posted at the specific geographical point, in meters per second.


See our Developer Portal for more information.

Fixed items

Issue ID

Affected service




Surfsight® Portal

Some devices with firmware v3.9.209 behaved inconsistently.

All affected devices now behave as expected.


Partner Portal

Some devices with firmware 3.10.21 were shown as online even when disconnected from the power source.

Disconnected devices now display the correct state.


Partner Portal

Some devices in the US cloud did not contain the "driverPosition" field. The API call to https://api-prod.surfsight.net/v2/devices/\{IMEI}/device-config did not return either of the expected values: "value": "left" or "value": "right".

The API now returns correct values.


Partner Portal

There were incorrect event labels for events on some devices.

Event labels now correctly appear as "Possible Accident" when relevant.


Partner Portal

In some cases, the Organization Settings window did not show the correct color scheme. The Surfsight® color scheme was displayed when it should have shown the partner's color scheme.

The correct white -label color scheme now appears in Organization Settings.


Developer Portal

The API response from getOrganizationDevices did not include the 'accuracy' property.

The property is now returned as part of the response, as expected.


Partner Portal

For some v3.10.21 users, the API 'Retrieve list of trips' endpoint returned trips that didn't actually happen with zero duration, speed, and micro distances.

The API now only returns data for actual trips.


Partner Portal

When a vehicle was stationary and the camera was on standby, the system sent updated GPS coordinates and reported non-zero speed for Vibrate and Tamper events.

The system now returns a speed of zero (0) when the camera is on standby.


Surfsight® Portal

Lens obstruction events were not recorded in the Surfsight® Portal.

Lens obstruction events now appear in the Surfsight® Portal.

Document change log

The following table lists the documents that were updated with the E11 release:

Document title

Description of change

Knowledge base URL

About trips

Added speed profile details.


View trip history


Telemetry => Retrieve GPS data

Added speed profile parameters and descriptions


Known issues

The following table lists the current known issues that have not yet been resolved:

Issue ID


KB issue

At kb.surfsight.net some tables are poorly formatted and may cause difficulty in reading them. We're currently working on overhauling our knowledge base and planning this fix as part of the changes. In the interim, partner resellers can refer to these PDFs in case they need a different format for better legibility.

KB issue

Some of the internal links at the top of a few articles at kb.surfsight.net do not work. We're currently working with our vendor on resolving this issue.


Live video may sometimes flash continuously while streaming.

We are monitoring this issue and evaluating possible solutions.


Locked dashcams' event settings are not set to off by default. They continue to send video to the cloud using data from the mobile network for any events configured with video attached.

Work-around: Before locking a dashcam, change all of its event settings to off.

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