About trips

A new trip begins when your vehicle dashcam registers a change of more than 100 meters, and ends when there is no GPS change for 5 or more minutes. Each trip that you see for your vehicle in the Surfsight® Portal corresponds to the time stamp between these two points.

You can view all trips for all of the dashcams in an organization from the Maps area.

Throughout the course of every active trip, the dashcam uploads the GPS location to the cloud every five (5) seconds until the trip ends. When the trip is over, the trip summary is posted in the Maps area of the Surfsight® Portal.

The trip summary displays:

  • general location of the trip (including city)

  • date of the trip

  • end-to-end distance of the trip

  • total duration of the trip

  • total number of events that were triggered during that trip

  • if the driver name was added, the trip details also reflect the driver name:


In addition to the trip summary, users can also view the speed profile for the vehicle for the entire duration of the trip.

When you click on the trip, the trip is displayed on the map and the speed profile appears underneath as a line graph, including the following values across the timeline of the trip:

  • vehicle driving speed

  • posted speed limits


The posted speed limits are recorded based on a database that Surfsight® has implemented, and are not reliant on the dashcam or any related services. This database is the first phase of the implementation of speed profiles, and does not at this time contain all global posted speed limits.


For more information about trips and maps, see View trip history.


In addition to viewing trip history, you can also view relevant data for any safety event that is triggered as part of the trip.

Events are specific behaviors while driving that are risky or dangerous. Examples are using a cell phone, eating while driving, tailgating, acceleration, and more. Events are automatically uploaded to the cloud and stored for 31 days.


For more information about events, see About events.

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