E14/15 August 2022

This release notes document describes the details of version E14/15:

Surfsight® Portal E14/15 August 2022

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version E14/15 of the Surfsight® Portal:

New features

Reusable components


We are now using the reusable live video component in our Surfsight® Portal! Check it out and see an example of its implementation. For more information and details about our reusable components, visit our Developer Portal.


Enable Organization settings profile

SUR-4275 and SUR-5263

Users can now turn the Organization settings profile on and off. When turned on, all new devices are automatically configured with this profile when added; when turned off, devices that are newly added to the organization do not get the configuration from this profile.


When the Organization settings profile is enabled and users configure settings using a combination of single, bulk and this profile, each existing device is configured based on its most recent updates, regardless of method. Newly added devices are automatically configured with the Organization profile.

Fixed items

Issue ID

Issue summary



Multiple events of the same type are created at the same time

When triggered, only real events are triggered and correctly appear in the cloud.


Surfsight UI sometimes reports 0 events incorrectly for "Last 30 Days"

When users select Last 30 days to view event reports, events are displayed correctly.


User incorrectly has some visibility of Other Group's assets

The correct data is displayed from the Surfsight® Portal based on user permissions.


[MediaCore] [Critical] The "Live Video" data usage is not correctly.

Data usage is consumed and displayed correctly from the Surfsight® Portal.

Document change log

The following table lists the documents that were updated with the release:

Document title

Description of change

Event settings

Added option to enable/disable the Organization settings profile.


Configure device settings


Configure SD retention settings for all devices in an organization


Add dashcams to your Surfsight™ account


Add a dashcam to a different organization


Known issues

The following table lists the current known issues that have not yet been resolved:

Issue ID


KB issue

At kb.surfsight.net some tables are poorly formatted and may cause difficulty in reading them. We're currently working on overhauling our knowledge base and planning this fix as part of the changes. In the interim, partner resellers can refer to these PDFs in case they need a different format for better legibility.


Live video may sometimes flash continuously while streaming.

We are monitoring this issue and evaluating possible solutions.


Locked dashcams' event settings are not set to off by default. They continue to send video to the cloud using data from the mobile network for any events configured with video attached.

Work-around: Before locking a dashcam, change all of its event settings to off.

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