E1/2 February 2023

This release notes document describes the details of version E1/2 :

E1/2 February 2023

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version E1/2 of the Surfsight® Portal:


Signup link is hidden on login page


The signup link has been removed from the login page in the Surfsight® Portal.

Improved French translations


We've improved French translations.

Improvements to lane weaving events


We've made improvements to the wording for configuring Lane weaving events in English, Spanish, and French.

Fixed items

Issue ID




The dashcam recorded a trip after the Last Connected At time reported in the Health Report.

The value for Last Connected At lists the correct time the dashcam was last connected for all statuses, including online, standby, and offline.


Health Reports and Alarms Reports in the Surfsight® Portal were not synchronized.

Health Reports and Alarms Reports in the Surfsight® Portal display correct information and are now synchronized.


When configuring event settings in the Surfsight® Portal, users were able to save settings without required parameters, and received a confirmation message.

When configuring event settings, users must set required settings to save settings and receive confirmation.

Known issues

The following table lists the current known issues that have not yet been resolved:

Issue ID


KB issue

At kb.surfsight.net some tables are poorly formatted and may cause difficulty in reading them. We're currently working on overhauling our knowledge base and planning this fix as part of the changes. In the interim, partner resellers can refer to these PDFs in case they need a different format for better legibility.


Live video may sometimes flash continuously while streaming.

We are monitoring this issue and evaluating possible solutions.


Locked dashcams' event settings are not set to off by default. They continue to send video to the cloud using data from the mobile network for any events configured with video attached.

Work-around: Before locking a dashcam, change all of its event settings to off.

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