E4 March 2022

This release notes document describes the details of version E4 in the following platforms:

Surfsight Portal E4 March 2022

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version E4 of the Surfsight Portal:

New features


A new event, Possible Fatigue, is now available. Possible fatigue events are triggered when a distracted driving event occurs and the driver has already been driving for more than the configured number of daily driving hours.

The Driving Duration is set to eight hours by default, but can also be custom configured. Valid values are between four and twenty hours.


Surfsight® API E4 March 2022

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version E4 of the Surfsight® API:

New features


A new POST /organizations/{orgId}/event-settings call enables you to configure the default event settings for an entire organization. The newly configured settings then apply to both new devices added to the organization, and to previously existing devices in the organization.

The following roles can make this call:

  • reseller partners

  • sub-partners

  • administrators

  • supervisors


A new groups parameter is now returned in the GET /organizations/{orgId}/users call. This parameter lists any groups the user is part of, including the id and name of each one.



The number of geofences you can set with the PUT /devices/{imei}/geofences call is now 99. Previously, only 19 geofences could be set.

Fixed items

Issue ID




After an event was deleted, the event file link still showed video of the event.

Once an event is deleted, video of the event is deleted as well and can no longer be viewed.

Known issues

The following table lists the current known issues that have not yet been resolved:

Issue ID



Live video may sometimes flash continuously while streaming.

We are monitoring this issue and evaluating possible solutions.


Locked dashcams' event settings are not set to off by default. They continue to send video to the cloud using data from the mobile network for any events configured with video attached.

Work-around: Before locking a dashcam, change all of its event settings to off.

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