E25 & E26 January 2022

This release notes document describes the details of versions E25 & E26 in the following platforms:

Surfsight Portal E25 & E26 January 2022

This Release Notes document describes the following details for versions E25 &E26 of the Surfsight Portal :

New features



This is a feature compatible with the dashcam v3.10. For more information, contact your partner success manager.

When viewing event videos in the Surfsight Portal, users can now see an accelerometer line chart below the video itself.

The parameters of the chart include:

  • FWD - x-axis

  • LAT - y-axis

  • GPS speed - speed


Fixed items

Issue ID




In the portal, users were receiving a 500 error message when attempting to replace an existing dashcam.

The option to replace dashcams has been removed for the time being.

Users can replace a dashcam by deleting it first and then re-adding it. However, this permanently deletes all portal data for that device. Deleting a dashcam from the portal does not delete recordings from the SD card.

Partner Portal E25 & E26 January 2022

This Release Notes document describes the following details for versions E25 & E26 of the Partner Portal:

New features


There is now an icon at the top of the Partner Portal for notifications. When you click the icon, a pop-up appears with all notifications relevant to the Partner Portal. A red badge appears over the icon when there are notifications you haven't yet read - dashboard-notifactions.




You can no longer change the data profiles of Geotab Order Now dashcams.


Fixed items

Issue ID




The 133 alarm, SD Card is not mounted, the camera is not recording video, and the 135 alarm, SD card may be fragmented or corrupt, were not appearing in all the platforms where they should appear.

The 133 and 135 alarms now appear in the Partner Portal. In addition, the 135 alarm appears in the Surfsight™ Portal.

Developer Portal E25 & E26 January 2022

This Release Notes document describes the following details for versions E25 & E26 of the Developer Portal:

New features


Users can now make the GET /devices/{imei}/cameras/{cameraId}/snapshot call with a timestamp in the query string to retrieve a snapshot from an earlier time.

Additionally, metadata is now returned with the call. This metadata includes:

  • timestamp

  • latitude

  • longitude

  • speed


A new POST /organizations/{orgId}/events call enables partners to retrieve a list of events by organization. This expands the available search capability, which previously only allowed retrieving events by individual device.


A new POST /devices/events/{eventType}/notification-recipients call enables admins and supervisors to add recipients for email notifications of an event in bulk.

SUR-4259 & SUR-4263

The GET devices/{imei}/events and GET /organizations/{orgId}/devices calls now have optional parameters to assist with pagination. Pagination helps to divide a large amount of data and present it in a more understandable manner. The parameters include:

  • limit - the maximum number of results to retrieve

  • offset - the number of results to omit

The pagination parameters are returned in the response as metadata. In addition to the limit and offset, the count (the total number of results) is returned as well.


There is now a role parameter returned in the GET /me call. The roles are:

  • Administrator

  • Supervisor

  • User

  • Restricted

For more information on the different roles, click on Users in the API Reference section of our Developer Portal to see the Users article.

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