E21 October 2021

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version E21 - October 2021 of the Surfsight Portal:

New features


In certain pages of the Partner Portal (such as Devices and Organizations), we sometimes had specific names for databases that some of our customers use. We have changed these columns to simple say Partner DB.




Both reseller partners and reseller partner contacts can now perform webhook API requests.


There is a new flow for virtual events. When a virtual event is received, the timestamp for the requested files takes into account the new durationSeconds parameter.

This new flow allows for backwards compatibility between API v2 and API v1.

Stuff we fixed

Issue ID




Some customer devices were continuing to upload events, stream live videos, and more, despite being deactivated.

The connection between deactivated devices and the portal is dropped. Deactivated devices are no longer connecting to portal services.


The GET /devices/{imei}/cameras/{cameraId}/snapshot API request returned the wrong error code when a nonexistent IMEI was entered.

When an invalid IMEI is entered for the GET /devices/{imei}/cameras/{cameraId}/snapshot, the API request now returns a 404 "Not Found" error message.


In the Device Alarms page of the Partner Portal, alarms were not removed after 45 days from the day they were triggered.

Alarms are now automatically removed after 45 days.


The use of API request GET /devices/{imei}/cameras/{cameraId}/snapshot, was returning 500 "Internal Server Error" for cases where the snapshot resource was unavailable.

The API request now returns a 404 "Not Found" error message if the snapshot resource is unavailable.

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