E20 October 2021

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version E20-21 of the Surfsight Portal:

New features


Alarms that are related to each other are now handled according to a clear hierarchy of severity. This decreases the number of alarms you receive for related issues, enabling you to focus on the most severe issues at hand.

For example, if there is no SD card inserted in a dashcam, three alarms used to be raised:

  • SD card not mounted

  • recording failure

  • recording failed 2 times in the last 24 hours

As a result of the new hierarchy, only the SD card not mounted alarm is raised, since it is the most severe.


In the Organizations area of the Partner Portal, there is a new column called Purge Days. This shows how long events and GPS data are saved on the cloud for a given organization.

The default is set to 31 days. However, reseller partners can now customize this period for each organization upon request. They can also browse through the list and see what the period is for each organization.



In the Devices area of the Partner Portal, there is a new column showing the Device Plan name. This conveniently allows reseller partners to see a given device plan, and have the information handy, without having to consult Surfsight®.




When loading a page of search results in the Partner Portal, you can now see 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, or 200 results per page.

This applies to all available areas: Devices, Devices Health, Device Alarms, Organizations, Sub-Partners, and Users.

The default is set to 100 results per page, but you can adjust this in the bottom right-hand corner of your Partner Portal page.



Reseller partners can now add up to 50 users in the Partner Portal, instead of just 20 (the previous limit).


When creating a user with the POST /organizations/{orgId}/users API call, you can now specify which groups the user will have access to by using the optional groupIds parameter. If groups are not specified, the user will have access to all groups.


Surfsight® will now automatically send the new SIM number of a dashcam to your Salesforce (via the portal). This simplifies the process of installing a new SIM card.

Stuff we fixed

Issue ID




API calls made while Surfsight® deployed a new release were timed out.

API calls that are now made while Surfsight® deploys new releases successfully go through and are not timed out. Additionally, Surfsight® now actively monitors for API calls that get timed out.


Some reseller partners who were trying to access timeline recordings were getting a 403 - No Authorization error message.

This has been fixed, and these messages are no longer appearing. All reseller partners can access recordings.


In some cases of a corrupt or fragmented SD card, the alarm would not go off.

This has been fixed, and alarms are now consistently going off when necessary.

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