C12-21 June 2021

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version C12-21 of the Surfsight Portal:

New features


You can now receive a snapshot from a specific camera with the GET /devices/{imei}/cameras/{cameraId}/snapshot API call.

Additionally, you can update an auxiliary camera name with the PATCH /devices/{imei}/cameras API call.


When a reseller partner makes the GET /organizations/{orgId} API call it now returns the organization's SSO secret in addition to its other parameters. If the organization does not yet have an SSO secret, one is created during the call.

Reseller partners use the SSO secret to receive an authorization token. Read more about SSO secrets in the API reference.

Known issue resolutions


You can now configure dashcam settings in bulk using either a user token or a reseller partner token with the PUT /devices/device-config API call.


After a dashcam is removed from a reseller partner account, they no longer receive alerts for that dashcam.


Dashcams can now be added to organizations associated with sub-partners.

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