C8-21 April 2021

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version C8-21 of the Surfsight Portal:

New features


Organization admins can now update dashcam settings in bulk with the PUT /devices/device-config API request. You provide a list of IMEIs, group IDs, or an organization ID to update the appropriate dashcams.


You can now retrieve an associated ID based on the dashcam's IMEI with the GET /associated-devices API call. You provide a list of IMEIs and receive pairings of IMEIs and associated devices.


In the partner portal, fleet managers can reset a dashcam's PIN to 3333 from the Devices area.


The POST /devices/{imei}/virtual-event API request now includes an optional metadata parameter. The metadata is added to the event as JSON text.


The GET /devices/{imei}/events and GET /devices/{imei}/events/{eventId} API calls now return a metadata parameter in addition to the other event parameters.



The Calibrate button has been removed from the Bulk Edit Event Settings area. You can calibrate individual dashcams from the Event Settings menu of each dashcam in the Surfsight Portal.


Using the dashcam as a WiFi hotspot for internet browsing is now off by default. This is set from the Surfsight Portal.

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