C2-21 January 2021

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version C2-21 of the Surfsight Portal:

New features

SUR-2637 - A new API endpoint is now available that enables the DELETE operation for a webhook subscription.

SUR-2723 - A new API endpoint is now available that enables rolling back the device firmware version and type.

SUR-2665 - a new Lytx Billing platform integration updates device status in real time.

SUR-2324 - the virtual event API has been extended to provide virtual event length, video quality and camera lens options. This feature is supported from AI-12 camera version 3.9.65 and up, expected release end of this month.


SUR-2603 - MV+AI events now appear in webhook subscriptions of events.

SUR-2442 - the Power Disconnect event is now included in the webhook subscriptions of events.

Known issues

SUR-2726 - the amount of time for streaming video and the number of events now appear correctly in the Data Usage dialog box from the Cameras area.


SUR-2721 - the correct device version now appears in the Edit Dashcam dialog box from the Cameras area when editing cameras.


SUR-2602 - Geofence events now correctly appear in the list of events.

SUR-2552 - timeouts for live video streaming has been fixed: organizations that have unlimited continuous live view can now view videos uninterrupted.

SUR-2703 - from the Recordings area, the camera dropdown list in the timeline now correctly displays the cameras for which recordings are available:


SUR-2754 - policy enforcement has been added to ensure partners cannot make changes to devices that are not assigned to them.

SUR-2629 - MV+AI video event links and data now correctly appear in the Analytic reports.

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