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Events are automatically uploaded to the Surfsight Portal and stored for 31 days. If the event includes a video, the video capture 5 seconds before and after the event occurs. If the event includes a text notification or image, recordings can always be retrieved from the dashcam SD card. Events can be configured to control the type and frequency of alerts.

There are two ways in which you can view the video events from the Surfsight® dashboard:

  • View video events from Events, as described here

  • View video events from Maps. See View vehicle events from Maps


    To view recorded video events, the dashcam can be offline.

To view video events from Events:


The datetime stamp for events should be the datetime as set on your computer.

  1. Log into the Surfsight Portal and from the navigation bar, click i-events.png.

  2. Select the dashcam you would like to view. 

    A list with the recent events will open on the left screen, sorted by date and time. At the top of the list you can select a different time frame.

  3. Browse or filter the list to find the relevant trip you'd like to view by date.

  4. From the main screen, a summary report of the events loads, including the number of events, event types, maximum and average speeds.

  5. To view more event details, click on its Event Details link.

  6. If it is a video event, click Play to view the video. 

  7. If it is a video event, click the download arrow from the video screen to download the video. 

  8. To view gravitational force (g-force) sensor and GPS data of the 5 seconds before and after an event, scroll down to the accelerometer line chart at the very bottom.


    The parameters of the chart include:




    Time stamp

    white bar

    Matches line chart times to the video.

    GPS speed

    red line

    Speed calculated from GPS data. For more information, see About the GPS.


    yellow line

    G-force X value, measuring acceleration and deceleration. For more information ,see About g-force.


    blue line

    G-force Y value, measuring movement to the right and left. For more information, see About g-force.

    The accelerometer line chart is taken from the metadata for risky driving events. If there is no metadata the line chart is not displayed. For more information about risky driving events, see What are events?

Watch this video about events settings and reviewing events:


The datetime stamp for events should be the datetime as set on your computer.

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