About Events

From the Events area, you can set the kinds of email notifications you want to receive from each dashcam and who to alert, and you can view driving statistics and events received from each dashcam.

To access Events:

Log into the Surfsight Portal and from the navigation bar, click i-events.png.

The Events area loads. When you select one of the dashcams the main window loads with relevant data.


The following table describes the different components of the Events area:




Events pane

Search and browse for relevant dashcams. Click on a dashcam and the pane (as in the image) lists all related events.



When the Events area first loads, the list of dashcams loads.

When you've selected a specific dashcam, Date Filter and Events Filter are available.



Displays event data related to the selected dashcams.

For details on all event types see What are events?.

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