Retrieve recordings from the time of an event

If an event is set to Snapshot or Event Only, video does not automatically upload to the Surfsight Portal. Instead, only a snapshot or an event notification is uploaded. If needed, you can retrieve a recording from the time of an event from the dashcam. Dashcams are constantly recording during trips.


Configure event settings like this.

To do this, the dashcam must be in Active mode or in Active-Standby mode.

To manually retrieve a recording from the time of an event:

  1. Log into the Surfsight Portal and from the navigation bar, click i-events.png.

  2. Browse for the dashcam you would like to view and select it.

    A list with the recent events will open on the left screen, sorted by date and time. At the top of the list you can select a different time frame.

  3. To view the video event, click on Event Details.

    A window opens with event details, including the event location and time. There is also a link to Retrieve Video from Camera.

  4. Click the underlined link to retrieve video from the camera.

    The video loads and plays on-screen. It might take several seconds for the video to buffer and load completely.

  5. Retrieve the video event from the camera as follows:

    1. Retrieve the video event from the dashcam and any of its connected cameras, including road-facing (front), in-cab (rear), and auxiliary cameras.

      1. Click the video camera icon to open a list of all connected cameras.

      2. Select the camera you would like to view.

    2. From the bottom bar of the player, click the three dots to retrieve different video lengths and select the quality of video you want to retrieve.

    3. To expand the video to full-screen view, click the full-screen icon.

    4. To download the video, click i-download.png.

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