G1 May 2023

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version G1 of the Surfsight® add-in for MyGeotab:

New features

Events added to the MyGeotab add-in


Events for Lane weaving and QR code scan, as well as audio and visual event alerts are available in the MyGeotab add-in. These events are supported in dashcams with firmware 3.11 or above.

  • The Lane weaving, is triggered when a vehicle crosses over a certain number of lane marking lines (dashed or solid) in a specific amount of time. When triggered, the dashcam beeps and an icon appears on the screen. Additionally, an event is sent to the cloud. For this event to trigger, road-facing ADAS must be calibrated.

  • When enabled, the QR code event is triggered when the in-cab lens scans a QR code. When the event is enabled, a QR code icon appears on the dashcam screen. When the event is disabled, the QR code icon does not appear on the dashcam screen.

  • You can now separately enable or disable the audio and visual alerts for each event in the MyGeotab add-in. Alerts can be enabled or disabled for individual dashcams, multiple dashcams, or for an entire organization.

For more details about events see updated MyGeotab documents listed in the Document changelog below.

Fixed items

Issue ID




For somedashcams, the time stamp for when the dashcam was last connected was inaccurate.

The value for timestamp when the dashcam was last connected lists the correct time for all statuses, including online, standby, and offline.


Live streaming stopped immediately after starting when using Safari browser.

Live streaming works as expected, stopping only when the preset time limit is reached, in all browsers.

Document changelog

The following table lists the documents that have been updated as part of this release:

Document title

Description of change

Event Types

Lane weaving and QR code events updated

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