G4 January 2023

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version G4 of the Surfsight® add-in for MyGeotab:

New features

Enable and disable standby events


You can now enable or disable standby events. Additionally, you can enable or disable email notifications for standby events.


Brazilian Portuguese translation


The MyGeotab add-in for Surfsight now supports Brazilian Portuguese.

Fixed items

Issue ID




The Vehicles area of the add-in loaded slowly when a large number of vehicles were listed.

The add-in now uses pagination when loading vehicle lists, with a default of 100 vehicles per page. This reduces load time.


When multiple events were triggered in a short time span, the media type from the first event was used for all the following events.

All events have the correct media attached to them.


Some events that were supposed to have video attached did not.

All events have the correct media attached to them.


Some video links in event notifications did not include the event ID, and therefore the links didn't work.

All video links in event notifications include the necessary details so that the links work properly.


When the add-in was set to Spanish or French, the timeline did not always load.

The timeline loads correctly, regardless of the language to which the add-in is set.

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