G14 February 2022

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version G14 of the Surfsight® add-in for MyGeotab:

New features

Dashcam status - online, offline, standby


The status of each dashcam now appears in the Recordings area.

This tells users if they can retrieve video events in any given moment, since a dashcam must be online or in standby mode for users to do this.


Recording Encryption and password protection

SSUI-1835 and SSUI-2099

Users can now encrypt their SD cards from the Settings menu of the Vehicles page.

This makes recordings more secure, and would prevent other people from watching the videos on their computer in the event of a stolen SD card.

Users can now also a set a password to protect their encrypted videos.

Passwords must be 16, 24, or 32 characters in length.

Configure and receive alerts for Obstruction event


Users can now configure and receive alerts for the Obstruction event in MyGeotab.

The Obstruction event is created when the in-cab lens is completely obstructed for more than 10 seconds. For more information, see the Event types article in the Surfsight® Knowledge base.

Video quality and duration


When viewing video events in the Video Events page, users can now select: a desired level of video quality (Normal Quality or High Quality), and select the number of seconds (10, 20, or 30) before and after the main event that they wish to see.

  • a desired level of video quality (Normal Quality or High Quality)

  • the number of seconds (10, 20, or 30) before and after the main event that they wish to see


Viewing information about data usage


In the Vehicles page, users can now see the following information about data usage for a device:

  • information sent from Twilio (for those using Twilio)

  • information reported by an Android device before it went offline


Examples of data usage displayed.


Tailgating event parameters


For tailgating events, the adjustable parameters are now set in milliseconds instead of seconds.

Viewing all cameras in Video Events (SSUI-1967)

In the Video Events page, users can now see the videos of all relevant dashcams (in-cab lens, road-facing lens , and auxiliary cameras, if relevant) when viewing video events.

Fixed items

Issue ID




Previously, there were inconsistencies in the date format (mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy). The user would sometimes see a different date format from the one they had selected in their account settings.

Users are now only seeing either dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy, as per their configuration.


On the Video Events page, the link to Retrieve video from camera (for events configured as snapshot or text-only) was often missing.

When selecting a specific event from the Video Events section, users now see a Retrieve video from camera button in the middle of the video screen for both cameras.

This option is still only for events configured as snapshot or text only.

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