G15 May 2022

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version G15 of the Surfsight® add-in for MyGeotab:

New features

This new release includes the following new features:

Live view from auxiliary cameras


Users can now view live video from their auxiliary cameras in both the Maps area and the Vehicles area of the Surfsight® add-in.


An example of the auxiliary camera live view.

Telemetry in dashcam settings


In the Settings page of each dashcam, there is a new Info page that shows users telemetry data for the selected dashcam.


Telemetry data in the Camera Settings area.

Possible Fatigue event


A new event, Possible Fatigue, is now available. Possible fatigue events are triggered when a distracted driving event occurs and the driver has already been driving for more than the configured number of daily driving hours.

The Driving Duration is set to eight hours by default, but can also be custom configured. Valid values are between four and twenty hours.

Entering Standby and Exiting Standby events


Users can now configure and receive alerts for the Entering Standby and Exiting Standby events in MyGeotab.

The dashcam enters standby mode when the vehicle has maintained its position for a configured amount of time. GPS information is included in this event.

The dashcam exits standby mode when the motion sensor detects motion of any kind and the vehicle has started moving. GPS information is included in this event.

The dashcam must be connected to constant power for this event to be triggered.

Fixed items

The following table lists the items that we fixed for this release:

Issue ID




In the Video Events area, videos in full screen view expanded so that video progress bar was mostly pushed out of the screen. Users could not click play, pause, or skip to a different part of the video.

Videos in full screen view are now properly adjusted to screen size. Users are able to access the (bar with buttons).


The third-party events for a dashcam were visible in the Surfsight® Portal account, but not from the relevant MyGeotab portal account.

Events for a given dashcam are now appearing in all relevant portals.


When choosing a date to view timeline recordings, some users instead saw the recordings from a day before what they had selected.

Users are now seeing the correct date of their timeline recordings.


Some users were unable to see their Recording Timeline at all in their MyGeotab account, while it did appear in the Surfsight® Portal.

Users are now seeing their Recording Timeline in their MyGeotab account.


When clicking an event notification, some users were redirected to a blank screen.

When users click on events that unavailable, they see an error message such as "Event was not found" or "No vehicle details found."


Alarm reports that appear in the Surfsight® Portal did not show up in MyGeotab.

Alarm reports are now consistently appearing in all portals, including MyGeotab.


Video events were sent with an incorrect time stamp.

Event videos are now being sent with the correct time stamp.


When trying to bulk edit dashcam settings in the Surfsight® add-in of the MyGeotab portal, some users were being directed to a blank screen.

Users are now able to bulk edit dashcam settings.

Known issues

The following table describes issues that have not yet been fixed:




Sometimes, the recording timeline in the MyGeotab add-in is empty even when there is relevant data available. This is the result of different supported date formats in MyGeotab.

Until fixed, users can change the date format for MyGeotab to one of the formats that are supported by Surfsight®. Supported date formats include:

  • MMM dd, yyyy

  • dd/MM/yy

  • dd/M/yy

  • dd/M/yy

  • dd/M/yyyy

  • dd-M-yyyy

  • yyyy-MM-dd

  • yyyy/MM/dd

An additional ticket, SUR-3324, has been opened to track a permanent fix for this issue.

Document change log

The following table lists the documents that were updated and or added to the Surfsight® documentation along with the G15 release:

Document title

Description of change

View live stream from video

Information and screenshots added for auxiliary cameras.

View live stream from MyGeotab Map

Information and screenshots added for auxiliary cameras.

Dashcam settings

Updated to mention telemetry data.

List of Geotab events

A new article describing events available in the MyGeotab portal.

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