G3-21 March 2021

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version G3-21 of the Surfsight® add-in for MyGeotab:

New features


A dashcam counter has been added to the Vehicles, Video Events, and Recordings areas of the Surfsight® add-in that displays the total number of dashcams in that area. When you select specific dashcams, the total number of dashcams that are selected is then presented as well.


The current driver of a vehicle and the IMEI number of the dashcam are now shown in the Vehicles area of the Surfsight® add-in.


Create Service Account button has been added to the Vehicles area of the Surfsight® add-in. This button creates a Polling API user with ViewOnlyAPI permissions if one was not automatically created when the Surfsight® add-in was installed, or if the organization is using Webhook without a service account.

Known issues


In Health and Alarms Report, users see only the dashcams to which they have access.


The Live Stream view only appears next to a dashcam when the dashcam is online.

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