Vehicles area overview

From the Vehicles area of the Surfsight® add-in, you can view all your dashcams and update them.

To get to the Vehicles area, select Vehicles from the Surfsight® add-in.


The Vehicles area loads.

  1. Camera Name - the dashcam name, any groups it's part of, and its activation status.

    The activation status options are:

    • online - appears in green

    • standby - appears in grey

    • offline - appears in red, and includes when the dashcam was last online.

  2. Current Driver - the name of the driver using the dashcam.

  3. IMEI - the IMEI of the dashcam.

  4. GO Device ID - the ID of the GO device associated with the dashcam.

  5. License Plate - the license plate of the vehicle that the dashcam is in.

  6. Live Stream - the live video option for the dashcam.

    • When the dashcam is online, select cameras from the drop-down menu to view live video from those cameras.

    • When the dashcam is in standby or offline, the Live Stream drop-down menu is greyed out and not accessible.

  7. More Actions - actions to update the dashcam. From here, you can update the settings and dashcam rules, view your data usage, or unpair the dashcam.

  8. Access more options for the Vehicles area. From here, you can add more dashcamsto the area, update polling/we settings and user access, create a service account, create a WiFi QR code, and access the health and alarms reports.

  9. Access the Surfsight® knowledge base for the MyGeotab plug-in.

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