Create a service account automatically

When you install the Surfsight® add-in, a service account is automatically created. If this doesn't happen at installation, you can create a service account from the Surfsight Portal. The service account configures a Polling API user with ViewOnlyAPI permissions which enables communication between Surfsight® and MyGeotab through Polling.

For more information about service accounts, see here.


You can create a service account manually. For more information, see Create a service account manually.

To create a service account:

  1. From the Surfsight® add-in, go to the Recordings area.

  2. Click Create Service Account from the top of the page.



    The Create Service Account button does not appear if a Polling API user is already configured.

    The Polling API user is created.

After creating a service account, you can configure the video event rules.

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