Who can view data in MyGeotab

To work with Surfsight™ in MyGeotab, first make sure you've fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Provisioning and management of the Surfsight™ dashcam within MyGeotab can only be performed by administrators with the following security clearance:

    • Only users with clearance to Add and Update devices can see those relevant actions

    • Only users with clearance for Administer Exception List  can edit Video Rules and Set Camera Rules from the Surfsight™ add-in


    Read more here.

  • Make sure you've installed the Surfsight™ add-in in the Surfsight Portal for the relevant organizations, and if you need Maps integration, install the additional add-ins as well

  • The vehicle must be defined in the MyGeotab system and the Surfsight™ dashcam needs to be installed

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