Factory reset of the dashcam

Occasionally, you might need to do a factory reset of the AI-12 dashcam. When you do a factory reset, user settings including the user password are removed and the factory settings are restored. The factory reset default PIN is 3333.

Possible reasons for doing a factory reset are:

  • the dashcam doesn't turn on


    Check that the dashcam is fully charged.

  • the dashcam screen is frozen

  • the dashcam doesn't connect to the internet


The factory reset does not reformat the SD card. If you need to wipe-out and reformat the SD card, you need to manually trigger this directly from the dashcam or from the application. See About the dashcam SD card


A factory reset does not reset portal or other non-device settings. The data profile level of your organization is therefore not affected.

To perform a factory reset on the dashcam:

  1. In the Settings menu, scroll down and press Factory Reset. A confirmation window appears.

  2. Select OK

For other ways to restart (reboot) the dashcam, see Power off or restart the dashcam.

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