Troubleshooting: record function

The following table suggests solutions for issues that may arise when recording from the AI-12 dashcam:


Possible cause

Suggested solution/explanation

The dashcam isn't recording.

The SD card hasn't been inserted.

The SD card isn't recognized.

  1. Format the SD card.

  2. Replace the SD card if formatting doesn't work.

The SIM hasn't been activated.

Contact your reseller support agent for SIM activation.

The imager (sensor) doesn't start and record video.

The dashcam has a hardware issue.

Contact your reseller support agent for further help.

The dashcam fails to record two times in the last twenty-four hours.

The SD card isn't working as expected and recordings may not be written properly to the SD card.

Monitor this unit for accurate recordings. Contact your reseller support agent if it continues to not work.

I can't change the event time from ten seconds to a longer time period.

Currently the event time is set only to ten seconds.

You can view recordings from the dashcam since the camera always records as long as the vehicle is operating.

A trip records as starting in the wrong place.

The dashcam doesn't power up or isn't connected to the cloud when the trip starts.

Check the power connection.

The dashcam doesn't record any video during the 24 to 48 hours after the vehicle has been turned off.

Currently the dashcam only records for a minimum of ten minutes and a maximum of sixty minutes after turning off the vehicle; it's something Surfsight® might change in the future.

To change the amount of time during which the dashcam keeps recording after turning off the vehicle, see Standby mode.

My most recent trip did not record.

The trip was less than 100 meters.

Cameras don't record trips that are less than 100 meters.

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