View video events from MyGeotab Map

You can view video events from the Video Events area and directly from MyGeotab Map.

Video events are the video footage uploaded to the cloud once an event occurs. The video footage captures the 5 seconds before and 5 seconds after the event and is saved in the cloud for 31 days. The AI-12 dashcam continuously records the trip on a local SD card. The video recordings from can be viewed and downloaded directly from the MyGeotab dashboard without needing to pull out the SD card from the camera.


Ensure you have first configured the Trip Events plug-in.

These instructions are not relevant for the Order Now program. When ordering from Order Now, installation is automated for your convenience.

To view video events directly from Map:

  1. Click the MyGeotab Map icon from the navigation bar to navigate to the Map area.

  2. Click the blue arrow next to the vehicle you want to view.

    A small menu opens.

  3. Select the Show trip tab.

    A list of all the trips from the last day loads.

  4. Select the trip you want to view.

    The trip loads on the map.

  5. From the right of the map, click Surf Trip Events to view the trip events.

  6. Click Play on the video event you want to view.

    The video event from the road-facing lens and in-cab lens load.

  7. You can download video events and save them locally on your computer. Click the download button from the player.

  8. To change the period of time from which to view recordings, go to the Options tab from the top bar and select the date range.


Watch this video about viewing live video streaming, video events, and trip details:

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