Back up the SD card

Back up and save the information on an SD card to prevent loss of data. This process is especially important if the data may be overwritten or when planning to reformat the SD card. For more information, see About the dashcam SD card.

To back up the SD card:

  1. Power off the dashcam.

    1. When you are in the parked vehicle with the parking brake on, the ignition on, and the door closed, press the touchscreen of the dashcam to view the PIN screen.

    2. Enter the default PIN 3333 to unlock the dashcam for the first time, or your own PIN subsequently.


      See Set and manage your dashcam PIN if you need help with your PIN.


      The screen unlocks and the menu appears.

    3. Press Settings.

    4. Scroll down and press Power Off.


      A confirmation window pops up.

    5. Follow the instructions on the screen to first disconnect the power cable, and then press OK on the screen to power off the dashcam.


      Complete this step in order to prevent the dashcam from restarting. If the dashcam does restart, repeat this step to avoid draining the battery.

      If a tamper-proof case is installed on the dashcam, remove it before disconnecting the power cable.

  2. Use the special screwdriver included in the box when you purchased the dashcam to remove the safety screws that lock the protective cover over the SIM and SD card slots.


    A magnet under the cover is used for detection. When the protective cover is opened, a tamper event is triggered.

  3. Remove the SD card by gently pressing on it and releasing it. It should pop out.

  4. Connect the SD card to a computer, or other storage device. It should detect the SD card automatically.

  5. Copy the files to the storage device.

  6. Remove the SD card from the storage device.

  7. Insert the SD card into the dashcam. For more information, see Insert and format an SD card.

  8. Reconnect the power cable to power on the dashcam and check for the red recording light hardware-icon_dashcamRecording2.png at the bottom of the screen to verify the SD card is working.

For more information about formatting or reformatting the SD card, see Format the SD card.

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