Scan a QR code

You can scan QR codes by the in-cab lens. This triggers a QR code scan event which is sent to the cloud with the QR code as metadata.

When the event is enabled, a QR code icon appears on the dashcam screen. When the event is disabled, the QR code icon does not appear on the dashcam screen.


Scanning QR codes and the QR code scan event are available with firmware version 3.11. For more information, contact your Partner Success Manager.

To scan a QR code:

  1. Press the QR code icon at the top left of the dashcam screen.


    The dashcam beeps for ten seconds or until a QR code is scanned.

  2. Within ten seconds, scan the QR code using the in-cab lens.

    A success message is displayed on the dashcam screen.

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