Set distracted driver features

Distracted driving features comprise two parts:

The Distracted Driver feature includes alerts for the following MV+AI events. For in-cab alert icons and descriptions see What are events?.

By default, the Distracted Driver feature in the AI-12 dashcam is turned On, enabling drivers to receive in-cab visual and audio alerts whenever a distracted driving event occurs. Only administrators can change this setting, similar to all other dashcam settings.

When the Distracted Driver setting is turned off, alerts and recordings are still sent to the cloud.


This feature is only available when the in-cab lens is turned on.

To turn distracted driver alerts off: 

  1. When you are in the parked vehicle with the parking brake on, the ignition on, and the door closed, press the touchscreen of the dashcam to view the PIN screen.

  2. Enter the default PIN 3333 to unlock the dashcam for the first time, or your own PIN subsequently.


    See Set and manage your dashcam PIN if you need help with your PIN.


    The screen unlocks and the menu appears.

  3. Press Settings.

  4. Scroll down to Distracted Driver.

  5. Toggle the button on or off.

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