About MV+AI

Machine vision (MV) and artificial intelligence (AI) help drivers and fleet managers correct distracted driving as it occurs. Data is collected when your dashcam is online and the vehicle is in motion. The data are analyzed to detect distracted driving events. The driver receives visual and audio alerts when an event is identified. If the driver continues their behavior, the event is uploaded to the cloud. Two MV+AI events cannot be created at once.

Our MV+AI technology uses lens as a sensor. Even if video recordings are turned off, distracted driving events can still be detected and alerts can be sent to the driver. If video recordings are turned on, they get deleted when the SD card becomes full. For more information on that, see About the dashcam SD card. This technology does not record personal information or biometrics.


When using the cabin camera cover, both recordings and lens as a sensor don't work.

MV-AI events include:

For more information about MV+AI alerts, see Control MV+AI alerts. and What are events?.

For details about positioning the dashcam for MV+AI, see Position the dashcam viewing angles for MV+AI.

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