Troubleshooting: events

The following table suggests solutions for issues that may arise when working with events from your AI-12 dashcam:


Possible cause

Suggested solution/explanation

I can't change the event time from ten seconds to a longer time period.

Currently the event time is set only to ten seconds.

You can view recordings from the dashcam since the camera always records as long as the vehicle is operating.

You can also upload recordings of a trip.

Some events do not contain any video.

The settings for those events are configured to not include video.

Check the settings of the events. You can configure the events to include video, snapshot, or just the event indication.

Additionally, some events will not have video, such as speeding, fence, and power off.

The dashcam is generating vibration events when the vehicle isn't even moving.

This is usually caused by a poor power connection to the vehicle.

Check the cables connecting the dashcam to verify that the connection is stable.

Live video is not available and no events are registering.

I've already installed the SIM card, and the dashcam is mounted in a vehicle that is on the road already.

The SIM has most likely not been activated yet.

Contact your reseller support agent for SIM activation.

Video quality of the recordings and events is different than the live video quality.

The video quality is set to the lowest level.

The quality of videos and recordings are part of the data profile set by the reseller partner.

I'm not receiving any risky driving events.

Your dashcam may not be calibrated.

Harsh driving events will not be recorded and sent to the cloud as an event video if the dashcam is not calibrated. After the dashcam has been mounted on the windshield in the correct place and angle, enter the settings menu of the dashcam and select the calibration function.

See Calibrate the AI-12 dashcam accelerometer for more information.

I can't find MyGeotab risky driving events

The relevant rules to see dangerous driving events are not enabled.

Check your MyGeotab Exceptions to see if the rules are enabled. Rules that are enabled in the MyGeotab Exceptions will be available to turn on or off in the Video Rules tab in theSurfsight® add-in. Also, check that your GO Device service package includes Exception Rules.

The car icon on my dashcam screen is not turning red during risky driving events.

Audio alerts are turned off.

Turn audio alerts on from the dashcam settings menu.

The dashcam isn't calibrated correctly.

Stop the vehicle on a level plane and press calibrate from the dashcam settings menu.

The driver is not receiving audio and visual alerts during distracted driving events.

The distracted driver or audio alarms feature is turned off.

Turn these features on from the dashcam settings menu.

The driver position is set incorrectly.

Verify that the driver position set in the dashcam settings menu is on the side of the vehicle where the driver is actually sitting.

The driver's upper body is not in view of the driver-facing camera lens.

Look at the driver-facing camera through the dashcam live view and verify that the driver's upper body is visible.

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