Update the dashcam

The dashcam firmware is updated regularly by Surfsight®.

  • Updates are automatically incorporated over the air (OTA) when your dashcam is connected to the Surfsight Portal.

  • You can also manually update the dashcam using an SD card.

  • When there is an update, you receive an email from your reseller support agent. The email includes a file to download onto an SD card. The same SD card can be used to update multiple dashcams.

To manually update your dashcam:

  1. Download the update file, named update.zip, from the email you received from your reseller support agent to a computer.


    Many Windows versions hide the .zip extension and rename the file to something similar to update[1]. If this happens, rename the file to update.

  2. Connect an SD card to the computer. The SD card should be formatted for the dashcam.

  3. Copy the update file to the SD card.


    Do not create a new folder on the SD card for the update file.

  4. Eject the SD card from the computer and insert it into the dashcam.

  5. Turn on the dashcam.

    The update process begins automatically. The dashcam screen stays black for a few minutes during the process.


    During the update process, your dashcam might show a screen full of text. If this happens, press the Event Trigger button to exit.


    The dashcam reboots.

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