Health reports

The Health Report registers the last time a vehicle dashcam connected and recorded. It also shows if a vehicle dashcam is currently connected.

To access the Health Report:

  1. Log into your Surfsight Portal account.

  2. From the navigation bar, click the Surfsight® add-in and select Vehicles.

  3. From the top right of the display, click Health.

    The list of health events loads:


    The following information appears:




    The name you gave the dashcam.


    The IMEI number of the dashcam. This is the identification number of the dashcam.

    The IMEI number can be found on the sticker on the dashcam itself or on the back of the dashcam box.

    Last connected at

    The date that the dashcam was last connected.

    Last Connected Status

    The number of hours that have lapsed since the dashcam was last connected.

    Recording Health Updated

    The last time the recording health of the dashcam was verified.

    Recording Health

    Whether the dashcam has recordings. Ten minutes after the dashcam turns on, the Health monitor checks for recordings. If there are recordings, Recording Health turns green. If there are none, Recording Health turns red. The health monitor continues to check the dashcam every hour.

  4. Sort the table alphabetically or chronologically by clicking the arrow in the relevant column.

  5. Minimize or maximize the size of this table by selecting the number of rows to display from the dropdown list at the lower right of the window.

  6. Filter the list to find specific issues:

    • From the Last Seen Online and Last Recording Health Check date fields at the top, select ranges to view relevant details for specific periods of time.

    • From the Recording Health list, click All, Healthy or Unhealthy to view only the vehicles with the relevant statuses.

  7. From the top, click Email Settings to add recipients and deliver the report by email.

    Click Export to download a CSV file of the report.

    Click Alarms Report to go to the Alarms Report area.

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