Alarms reports

The Alarms Report shows if a camera is not working properly.

Alarms are saved in the cloud for 45 days.


For help with the different alarms, see Alarms report details.

To access the Alarms Report:

  1. Log into your Surfsight Portal account.

  2. From the navigation bar, click the Surfsight® add-in and select Vehicles.

  3. From the top right of the display, click Alarms Report.

    The list of alarm issues loads:


    The following information appears:




    The fleet manager can select how serious this alert is.

    Severities, from most severe to least severe, are:

    • Fatal

    • Error


    The name you gave the dashcam.


    The IMEI number of the dashcam. This is the identification number of the dashcam.

    The IMEI number can be found on the sticker on the dashcam itself or on the back of the dashcam box.


    The date that the alarm occurred.


    The type of alarm that occurred.


    The recommended course of action for the alert.


    The actions taken for the alert.

    The actions include:

    • Mark as read

    • Delete

  4. From Actions, click i-checkmark.png to mark the alarm as read.

    Click i-trash.png to delete the alarm.

  5. From Severity, click Select and filter for the severity you want to view.

  6. Sort the table alphabetically or chronologically by clicking the arrow in the relevant column.

  7. Minimize or maximize the size of this table by selecting the number of rows to display from the dropdown list at the lower right of the window.

  8. From the top, click Email Settings to add recipients and deliver the report by email.

    Click Export to download a CSV file of the report.

    Click Health Report to go to the Health Report area.

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