Troubleshooting: live video

The following table suggests solutions for issues that may arise when using live video:


Possible cause

Suggested solution/explanation

My live video doesn't have the GPS, speed, or date details but the text overlay feature is enabled.

Text Overlay only displays on recordings and video events, not during live videos.

Access the recorded videos to see the GPS, speed, and date information.

The GPS of the dashcam is working correctly on the map but when I click the live video feature, the screen is black and does not stream from the vehicle.

There is a reception issue with the cellular network in the area.

  1. Check the cell network reception.

Live video is not available and no events are registering.

I've already installed the SIM card, and the dashcam is mounted in a vehicle that is on the road already.

The SIM has most likely not been activated yet.

Contact your reseller support agent for SIM activation.

I'm not able to watch my dashcam's live video, even though the dashcam appears to be online.

The user doesn't have the proper user permissions.

Verify your user permissions.

Your cameras are not listed in the Surfsight Portal.

In the Surfsight® Portal or MyGeotab portal, click on the dashcam and verify that all cameras (front, rear, and auxiliary) are listed and you aren't receiving a "Live video is not available" message.

There is a firewall blocking WebRTC streaming interface.

In the Surfsight® Portal or MyGeotab portal, click the gear button in the live video dialog and switch to HLS Streaming.

The network speed is too low.

Perform a speed test through your WiFi hotspot. If the upload speed is less than 250 Kbps, live video does not work. Contact your SIM provider.

My live video streaming has suddenly stopped working.

The maximum amount of live video streaming for your data profile has been reached.

Upgrade your data profile. Reseller partners choose the data profile.

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