3.10.25 June 2022

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version 3.10.25 of our firmware:

Fixed items

Issue ID




In some cases, MV/AI events were triggered without first counting alert beeps.

When configured, the number of times that an in-cab alert is triggered is now counted and reported to the cloud prior to creating an event.


Camera obstructions did not trigger events at the expected time interval.

Obstruction events now trigger alerts as expected.


Video parts are pixelated. Events created using cameras with firmware version 3.10 produced pixelated images in the middle of the video file.

The firmware version has been updated and videos now appear clearly.

DC-642/ DC-650/ DC-320/ DC-671

MV+AI events were not detected after upgrading to 3.10 versions.

The new version has been updated and now detects MV+AI events.


Sometimes an obstruction event was triggered falsely. Event details indicate there was an obstruction, but the recording showed there was nothing obstructing the in-cabin lens.

The new version has been updated to prevent false event triggers.


Distracted driving events contained g-force metadata, causing unnecessary data overages.

The events no longer contain unnecessary metadata.

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