3.12.108 March 2024

This update focuses on a seamless end-to-end product experience of the auxiliary camera with the Surfsight® AI-12 dashcam. It improves the performance of recording availability, the reliability of pairing and unpairing devices, and connection stability.

This Release Notes document describes the details of version 3.12.108 of the AI-12 dashcam:


Improvements to avoid recording loss due to SD card disconnect


Recordings are now saved to the internal camera memory first and then transferred to the SD card when the recording is finished. This helps to prevent the potential for recording loss due to SD card disconnect, such as in the case of an impact.

Fixed items

The following table lists the items that we fixed for this release

Issue ID




Auxiliary cameras did not record consistently.

Auxiliary cameras record as expected.


An unnecessary error message stated pairing of an auxiliary camera should be delayed due to low battery level.

It is possible to pair auxiliary cameras during all battery levels.


When pairing a new auxiliary camera, an error message appeared, and the devices did not pair.

Updates to the pairing process in the Surfsight® AI-12 dashcam improves the pairing experience and reliability.


Auxiliary cameras have intermittent connections, lost connections, or had problems pairing.

An improvement made to the memory processing in the Surfsight® AI-12 dashcam, increases connection stability.


Older model Auxiliary cameras missed some recordings due to a loss of connection.

Connectivity improvements allow for greater stability in recordings.


In some cases, auxiliary cameras unpaired unexpectedly.

Auxiliary cameras stay paired as expected.


The dashcam did not keep the retention period according to the configured settings.

Configuration of the retention period in Surfsight® AI-12 dashcam is respected.


Events related to accelerations and deceleration were not triggered.

Acceleration and deceleration events are triggered as expected.


Auxiliary cameras had recordings for some events but not others.

A mechanism to repeatedly try to upload events is put in place to ensure events are uploaded even if the device temporarily disconnects.


When Exit standby and Enter standby events were disabled in the Surfsight® Portal, they were still reported by the API service.

Events that are disabled through the Surfsight® Portal, are not reported by the API service.

Known limitations

The following table lists the current known issues that have not yet been resolved:

Issue ID



Smoking events are not always triggered. Additionally, seatbelt events are not always triggered when drivers wear dark clothing on their upper bodies.


On rare occasions, the recording request file may skip one second in the video.


Some devices report high data usage.


In rare cases, event videos have a two-second time difference between the recordings from the in-cab lens and the road-facing lens.

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