3.9.98 May 2021

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version 3.9.94 of the AI-12 dashcam:

New features

SUR-2373 - Configure recording time

You can now configure the cyclic recordings time for front and rear lenses and for auxiliary cameras. You can also retrieve the recording time per lens. By default, the cyclic recording is set to unlimited.


SUR-2883 - Improved German translations

German translations in the camera display have been improved.

SUR-2666 - Remove Add Camera option from the Settings menu

The Add Camera option that used to add auxiliary cameras from the Camera Settings menu was removed.

SUR-2953 - New APNs added

Based on customer request, new access points (APNs) have been added.

Known issues

SUR-3180 - Issues with sending video to the cloud

Auxiliary cameras with a retention time of four minutes or more now send the recorded video to the Surfsight Portal.

SUR-2801 - Issues with playback

Some event videos had playback issues because the MP4 file container was not closed properly. This has been fixed.

SUR-2847 - Fix crash in case of switching between color and black and white camera

A fix was implemented for an issue on the camera application that was caused by switching from color to the black and white camera sensor in the cabin-facing camera.

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