3.9.62 December 2020

This Release Notes document describes the following details for version 3.9.62 of the Surfsight® AI-12 dashcam:

New features

This section describes new features added to the camera.

SUR-1756 Added MV+AI In-cabin integration

The following in-cabin detections were added to the Machine Vision (MV) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in-cabin integration: 

  • food and drink near the driver's seat  

  • smoking 

  • cell phone use

  • driver not belted

After prolonged detection of any of these issues, the dashcam alerts the driver. Additionally, fleet managers can view these issues from Events in the Surfsight® cloud.   


Surfsight® AI-12 dashcam is only a driver aid. Drivers should never rely on the camera to warn them before taking measures to avoid an accident. 

SUR-1727 Verified wired auxiliary camera option

Surfsight® verified that the Wired Auxiliary Cameras and SSD connectivity to the AI-12 dashcam was a working topology.  

SUR-1728 Added factory reset to the Settings menu on the dashcam

All settings can be reset to the factory defaults when you press Factory Reset.


This section describes dashcam features that have been improved.

SUR-1590 Enabled support of auxiliary camera local recording

To improve the reliability of the recording, the AI-12 dashcam now supports local recordings of the auxiliary cameras. If the auxiliary cameras have SD cards inserted, they record the video locally. The fleet managers can then copy the videos to the AI-12 dashcam for access from the Surfsight® cloud.  

SUR-1549 Simplified options for in-cabin recording and alerts

Surfsight® has improved in-cabin recording and alerts with the following updates:

  • If In-Cabin Recording is turned off and the Distracted Driver feature is turned on, then the driver-facing camera:

    • doesn't provide live streaming

    • doesn't upload video or snapshots to the cloud

    • doesn't record anything to the SD 

    • provides Distracted Driver in-cabin visual and audio alerts

    • sends Distracted Driver event details (without video or snapshot) to the cloud 

  • When both In-Cabin Recording and Distracted Driver are turned off, then the driver-facing camera doesn't operate.

  • If the In-Cabin Recording is turned on, then it's fully enabled, independent of the Distracted Driver function.

  • The Driver Camera On/Off setting option has been removed.

SUR-2160 Updated watermark fonts and position

The display was improved as follows:

  • The text position in the text overlay on the video recordings is now centered.  

  • The font size and type have been updated to Roboto 11 pixels.

  • Additional cosmetic updates have been made.

SUR-2060 Changed "serial number" to "IMEI" in the menu on the device

The term "serial number" is changed throughout the menu to "IMEI."

Known issues

This section describes known issues that have been corrected.

SUR-2525 Events not created when the driver-facing camera is turned off

Surfsight® AI-12 dashcam now correctly creates events when the driver-facing camera is turned off.

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