View live video from the dashcam

The road-facing lens streams up to twenty four frames per second. The in-cab lens streams fifteen frames per second.

Both the road-facing and in-cab lenses stream for thirty seconds, and then give you the option to continue live streaming. This is hard coded and cannot be changed.


To view live video, the dashcam must be online.

To view live video from the Cameras area:


Audio is available when viewing recordings from AI-12 dashcam with firmware update 3.12 and higher.

If this is not yet available, download a recording to receive audio.

  1. Use the Search bar to find the name of the dashcam or select a group name to find the relevant dashcam. The list of views expands, enabling you to see the front (road-facing) and rear (in-cab) cameras, as well as any available auxiliary cameras.


    If the dashcam is currently offline, a notification pops up instead.

  2. Select Front camera to open and view live video from the road-facing lens.

  3. Select Rear camera to open and view live video from the in-cab lens.

Watch this video about viewing live video streaming from the Cameras and Maps areas:

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