View live video from Maps


To view live video, the dashcam must be online.

To view live video from the Maps area:


Audio is available when viewing recordings from AI-12 dashcam with firmware update 3.12 and higher.

If this is not yet available, download a recording to receive audio.

  1. Log into the Surfsight Portal and from the navigation bar, click i-cloud-maps.png.

  2. The Maps area loads.

  3. From the Maps pane, navigate to the vehicle you want to view and select it.


    Online cameras, with a green dot next to them, expand to display live video. If the dashcam is not currently online, then a notification pops up instead.

  4. Select Front camera to open and view live video from the road-facing lens.

  5. Select Rear camera to open and view live video from the in-cab lens.

Watch this video about viewing live video streaming from the Cameras and Maps areas:

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