View live video from MyGeotabMap

Once a dashcam has been assigned to a vehicle defined in the MyGeotab system, you can view the front and rear cameras from the vehicles in real-time. You can view the live stream from the Map or the Surfsight® Vehicles list.

The road-facing lens streams up to twenty four frames per second. The in-cab lens streams fifteen frames per second.


The vehicle must be turned on and the dashcam must be online to stream live video.


Ensure you've installed the add-ins for Map integration.

To view live video from Map:


In order to manage bandwidth, audio does not play when live streaming.

  1. Click the MyGeotabMap icon from the navigation bar to go to the Map area.

    A list of all the vehicles assigned with cameras loads.

  2. Select the vehicle for which you want to watch live footage.

    Assuming the vehicle is currently active or the camera is online, the vehicle location loads on the map.

  3. From the map, click on the vehicle.

    From the dropdown list that opens, select the camera you want to view.


    The footage loads in the right pane.

    You can go back to the map and add more views at the same time.


    If auxiliary cameras are enabled for the vehicle, they also appear as a live stream option.


    Bandwidth constraints limit the ability to stream live video from different camera lenses at the same time. It is recommended not to live stream all videos at once, especially if streaming from more than two camera lenses.

Watch this video about viewing live video streaming from Vehicles and Maps:

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