Access alarms reports

The Alarms Report shows if a camera is not working properly. From the Alarms Report area, you can export alarms reports, set email notifications, and add comments about actions taken for the each alert.


For help with the different alarms, see Alarm reference.

To access the Alarms Report:

  1. Log into the Surfsight cloud app and from the navigation bar, click i-health.png.

  2. From the Health and Alarms panel, select Alarms Report.

    The following information appears:





    The name you gave the dashcam.


    This refers to the IMEI number of the dashcam.

    Created At

    The date when the alarm occurred.


    The type of alert that occurred.


    The recommended course of action for the alert.


    The actions taken for the alert.

  3. From Severity, click Select.

    Select how serious this alert is from the drowdown list.

  4. Sort the table alphabetically or chronologically by clicking the arrow in the relevant column.

  5. Minimize or maximize the size of this table by selecting the number of rows to display from the dropdown list at the lower right of the window.


    From the top right corner, click i-download.png to download a CSV file of the report. Click i-mail.png to add recipients and deliver the report by email.

The following alarms can appear for an AI-12 dashcam:


What is happening


SD Card isn't mounted

The camera isn't recording video.

Reboot the camera; if the SD card still isn't recognized, try formatting the SD card or replacing it.

Hardware failure

Unable to start the camera sensor and record video.

Contact the partner reseller support to return the unit.

Camera reset due to app freeze

The camera restarts from time to time.

Contact the partner reseller support; this may require a software upgrade or may indicate a hardware issue. Treat this camera as unreliable until this issue is resolved.

Recording failure two times in the last twenty-four hours

The SD card isn't behaving as expected and recordings may not be written properly to the SD card.

Monitor this unit for accurate recordings; the SD card may need to be replaced. Contact your partner reseller support agent for detailed support.

Power disconnect

The battery is drained due to improper shut down or extended storage.

Connect the dashcam to a 2A power source for up to thirty minutes until it turns on.

Make sure to use the dashcam menu to power off the dashcam before uninstalling or disconnecting the power cable.

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