Download recordings

Download the following recordings from the Recordings area:

  • recordings from road-facing lenses and in-cab lenses

  • recordings from auxiliary devices

  • recordings by date and time


Trips are continuously recorded, however they are not automatically uploaded to the cloud. When the SD card (the memory card) in the device is full, the newer trips override the older trips, and the overwritten trips can no longer be retrieved.

Navigate to the dashcam you're interested in

Filter for the recordings you need

From the main pane, filter and download the recordings you need as follows:

  1. From the date dropdown, navigate to the relevant date.

  2. From the camera dropdown, select the device for which you'd like to view recordings.

  3. From the time zone list, select the relevant time zone by which you'd like to navigate.

    If you're in New York, the default that appears here is EST, your local time zone. If you'd like to review events according to noon GMT time, select GMT from the dropdown list and then navigate to noon on the timeline.

  4. From the quality dropdown, you can choose to watch or download the video in Normal or High quality.

  5. From the time dropdown you can select the exact time you'd like to view.

  6. Once you filter for the camera and dates, move the slider to the red sections of the timeline for different recordings.

    The time that you select is considered the time of the event for downloading.

  7. When you've found the video you're looking for, click Download.

    The Download Recordings dialog box opens with the values that you filtered in the main pane.

  8. Check and adjust the settings to choose the relevant video.

    The time that you select is considered the time of the event for downloading. The Seconds Before Event and the Seconds After Event fields determine the entire range in time that you'd like to download.

  9. From the Seconds Before Event, choose how many seconds prior to the selected event time should be included in the downloaded video.

  10. From the Seconds After Event, choose how many seconds after the selected time should be included in the downloaded video.

    If the time of the event is 07:56:00 PM, the Seconds Before Event is set to 5 and the Seconds After Event is set to 5, then the video duration that is download extends from 07:49:00 through 08:01:00.

  11. Click Prepare Download.

    When the download is ready, the button changes.

  12. Click Download Now.


    The recording downloads in mp4 format to your local Download folder.

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