View recordings from the cloud

View the following recordings from the Recordings area:

  • recordings from road-facing lenses and in-cab lenses

    The road-facing lens streams up to twenty four frames per second. The in-cab lens streams fifteen frames per second.

  • recordings from auxiliary devices

  • recordings by date and time


Trips are continuously recorded, however they are not automatically uploaded to the cloud. When the SD card (the memory card) in the device is full, the newer trips override the older trips, and the overwritten trips can no longer be retrieved.

Navigate to the relevant dashcam

Filter for the recordings you need

To filter for recordings from Timeline View:

From the main pane, filter and view the recordings you need as follows:

  1. From the date drop-down, select to the relevant date.

  2. From the camera drop-down, select the device for which you'd like to view recordings.

  3. From the time zone list, select the relevant time zone by which you'd like to navigate.

    If you're in New York, the default that appears here is EST, your local time zone. If you'd like to review events according to noon GMT time, select GMT from the drop-down list and then navigate to noon on the timeline.

  4. From the quality drop-down, you can choose to watch or download the recording in Normal or High quality.

  5. From the time dropdown you can select the exact time you'd like to view.

  6. Once you filter for the camera and dates, move the slider to the red sections of the timeline for different recordings.

  7. When you've found the recording you're looking for, click PLAY.

    The video loads in the center of the pane. Click the play and pause buttons as necessary.


    Audio is available when viewing recordings from AI-12 dashcam with firmware update 3.12 and higher.

    If this is not yet available, download a recording to receive audio.

To view information about trips and events from the Timeline View:

  • Hover over trip icons to view additional information:

    • Individual event description and time

    • If an icon has a number, hover over it to show a list of events during that time period.

    • Hover over the vehicle icon to see trip time and driver name

To filter for recordings from File View:

  1. From the main pane, click the SWITCH TO FILE VIEW link.

  2. Click the Date field to open the calendar and navigate to the date you need.

  3. Click the Time field to open the clock and choose the relevant hour.

  4. Click the Camera field and then choose the relevant camera.

  5. Click Filter to display the available recordings based on your settings.

    The results appear in the same panel.



    The datetime stamp for events should be the datetime as set on your computer.

Click SWITCH TO TIMELINE to filter for recordings using the timeline view.

Watch this video about viewing and downloading recordings from File View:

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