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How are distracted driving events detected?

General distracted driving events are detected by tracking the driver's overall behavior in the vehicle cabin and the driver's eye movement.

For more information about MV+AI, see About MV+AI.

When I turn off an event in the portal, does that mean that the driver doesn't get notified, either? Or does the driver get notified, but the video or event won't be uploaded to the system?

The driver doesn't get notified.

If audio recordings are disabled, does this apply to all events?


When the audio recordings are disabled, no events - including button pressed and third-party - include audio. When the audio recordings are enabled, all events include audio.

To enable or disable the audio recordings, see Configure settings for the dashcam.

Why do drivers not receive camera alerts when they should, or receive alerts when they shouldn't?

Typically, this might happen when the driver's position is not set correctly, or if the driver's upper body is not in view of the driver-facing lens.

How does the Possible Fatigue event measure drive time?

The dashcam logs the duration of a trip. When the duration of a trip exceeds the amount configured for Possible Fatigue, and a distracted driver alert is triggered, the Possible Fatigue event is then also triggered. The duration is not linked to a specific driver.

Can rotating the dashcam lens trigger an event?

If the dashcam lens rotates and the g-force is significant, an event may be triggered. Tighten the lens screws fully when completing the installation to ensure that the dashcam cannot be rotated.

What counts as the vehicle crossing a lane marking line for a lane weaving event? Does the vehicle need to go completely into the next lane for it to count?

Even if the vehicle doesn't travel completely over a lane marking line, it can still count as a crossing. The Surfsight® dashcam uses an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to gather information about the road ahead and detect events, such as lane weaving.

To trigger this event, road-facing ADAS must be calibrated. There are several articles on ADAS and ADAS calibration. For more information see,ADAS calibration from the dashcam.

Is a lane weaving event triggered by going over multiple lanes or just one?

Lane weaving requires you to choose the number of lanes crossed and the duration in which that crossing occurs to trigger an event. For more information see, Events settings.

Is the lane weaving event connected to the turn signal?


Is there a limit to the amount of data the QR code reader can scan?

There is no limit. All of the information received is saved as event metadata.

Can the QR code reader be used for driver assignments?

It is possible to use the QR code feature in this way. Through the API you can take the information and integrate it to create a check in. This option is planned for a future firmware update.

Please note the Surfsight® dashcam only turns on by moving it or closing the door. The future update is expected to have the event trigger button turn on the camera and start the process.

With the new MV+AI small cabin support, will MV+AI events be triggered by passengers?

No. In Settings you select on which side of the cabin the driver is sitting and the MV+AI model is configured to detect events only based on the driver.

When is a Driver Unbelted event triggered?

If the driver's seatbelt is not fastened, after 50 seconds there is an in-cabin alert, depending on configured audio or visual alerts. If there is no change, after ten more seconds an event is triggered and, if configured, an additional alert.

This occurs once per hour. If the trip is less than one hour it occurs once per trip. If a fastened seatbelt is unfastened, this process repeats.

When I press the Event trigger button, why doesn't it always trigger an event?

When the dashcam screen displays the Enter Pin screen, pressing the button does not trigger an event. Update for this feature is planned for firmware version 3.13.

For more information see, Manually trigger an event during your trip.

For information on event types, see What are events?.

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