Surfsight® add-in for MyGeotab: overview

When you install the Surfsight® add-in to your organization's MyGeotab account, fleet managers can track driver behavior in real-time and take preventative as well as corrective action accordingly.

Surfsight® features include:

  • View live video from the front and rear cameras directly from the MyGeotab dashboard and MyGeotab Maps

  • Get instant access to video events, stored in the cloud for 31 days, from the MyGeotab dashboard and from MyGeotab Maps

  • Retrieve recordings directly from the MyGeotab dashboard. No need to directly interfere with the inserted camera SIM and SD cards

  • Stream recordings directly from any point on MyGeotab Maps

  • Manage multiple cameras for multiple vehicles from the MyGeotab dashboard

  • Use MyGeotab permission and rules settings to set the data and users access control for each of the cameras

  • Turn any MyGeotab Exceptions and Custom Rules into video events

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