View driving analytics

The fleet manager can view summary, aggressive driving, speeding, and geofence reports for all or individual vehicles from the Analytics area.

  1. Log into the Surfsight Portal and from the navigation bar, click i-events.png.

  2. From the list of dashcams, browse for the relevant group or specific vehicle.

  3. To view reports for a group, select its name; to view reports for a specific vehicle, open the group and select the name of the relevant dashcam.

  4. Optionally, filter from the left pane by time period.

  5. Navigate the Reports list and select the relevant report.


    The Summary Report provides an overview of any aggressive driving events, speeding events, and geofence events and additional reports can be accessed from this report.


    The report data loads in the main window.

  6. From the Report area, filter by time period.

  7. In the Summary Report and the Aggressive Driving Report, click the numbers in blue for a full report about specific types of events.

  8. From any of the reports, click Export from the top right of the report to export it in CSV format.

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