Mount the AI-14 dashcam


Leave 12.5 cm (4.9 in) to the right of the dashcam to allow room to insert it into the mounting bracket.

  1. Place the Surfsight® dashcam as high as possible closer to the driver side of the vehicle, under the rearview mirror.



    Some jurisdictions have regulations that prohibit or restrict where objects can be placed on the windshield. Be sure to comply with applicable law.

  2. Wipe the area of the windshield where you plan to place the Surfsight® dashcam with an alcohol wipe and allow to air dry.

  3. Remove the 3M adhesive tape cover, and mount the Surfsight® dashcam to the windshield.

  4. Run the power cable from the connection point up the A-pillar to the mounting area.


    You may need to remove the window and door trim to run the cable underneath. These typically snap on and off using special clips. In vehicles with side and curtain airbags, the clips are often one-time use and may need to be replaced after removal. Refer to the vehicle service manual for information.

  5. Put heat shrink around the device power connector and use a heat source to secure the connection.

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