Hardwire the AI-14 dashcam to the vehicle fuse box

To utilize the full features of the dashcam, using the cables provided it must be connected to a:

  • constant 12V or 24V minimum 2A power source

  • vehicle ignition minimum 1A power source

  • vehicle ground/earth point


This installation must be performed by a qualified or professional person. Working with your vehicle's power system can be dangerous. Consult a professional for guidance.

What you'll need:

  • the AI-14 dashcam

  • voltmeter or multimeter

  • a hardwire kit

  • vehicle panel removal tool

  • 2 add-a-fuse kits

  • heat shrink

  • cable ties

  • heat source

  • wire cutter

  • cordless drill

  • wire crimper

  • 5 meter (16 ft) measuring tape

  • crimp ring terminals

  • electrical tape

To hardwire the dashcam:


Make sure that the wiring cables and installation activities do not interfere with any airbag-related mechanisms or normal vehicle operations.

Make sure the wiring cables are clear of any sharp edges, moving parts, and can't get pinched in the door jamb. The cables should be tucked away and secured behind panels wherever possible.

Use cable ties at least every foot, or as necessary, along the route of any cables to secure them in place.

  1. Locate the vehicle fuse box.

  2. Use a multimeter to identify circuits with constant and accessory/full ignition power.

  3. Using the add-a-fuse kits, connect the red wire (constant power) and the brown wire (accessory/full ignition), each to a new fuse.


    When using add-a-fuse kits, make sure to test with a multimeter that the circuits only share the hot leg of the fuse receptacle to ensure the circuits are separately fused. If installed backwards, a fuse tap will compromise the original circuit.


    The use of add-a-fuse kits on ECM, ECU, control module, or any safety related circuit fuses is prohibited.

  4. Connect the ground wire (black) under a ground point secured to the vehicle's metal body. We recommend grounding your wire with a ring terminal to a ground lug in the vehicle. If a ground lug is not available, fix the wire to the chassis of the vehicle with a crimp ring terminal and non-anodized self tapping screw.


    A loose ground wire can result in power issues for your dashcam.

  5. Connect the molex connector (on the vehicle interface cable) to the cable connector of the dashcam.

  6. Start your vehicle to test the dashcam.

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