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What is an auxiliary camera?

Surfsight®auxiliary cameras are cameras connected to the Surfsight®dashcam. When connected to the dashcam, the cameras enable live video and recording from the portal of additional perspectives during trips. The cameras are installed around the vehicle in key locations. All auxiliary cameras include a 64 GB SD card that stores approximately 100 hours of recordings. When the SD card is full, new recordings overwrite the oldest recordings.

What types of auxiliary cameras are offered?

  • DC-ACW-01 - wired camera with wrap mount

  • DC-ACW-02 - wired camera with flush mount

  • DC-ACE-01 - WiFi camera with wrap mount

  • DC-ACE-02 - WiFi camera with flush mount

What’s the difference between wired and WiFi auxiliary cameras?

Wired auxiliary cameras are connected to the dashcam through a router, whereas WiFi auxiliary cameras are connected through WiFi.  

If the auxiliary camera is going to be mounted on the side of the vehicle near the main dashcam, you can use the WiFi option. This eases installation. 

If the auxiliary camera is going to be mounted farther from the main dashcam, or with a lot of metal in between, we recommend using the wired option. This increases reliability.

Do the new wired auxiliary camera models support wireless internet connections as well?

Our newest auxiliary camera models support either a WiFi or wired connection, but not both. This means that the wired models do not support wireless connections.

What is the difference between flush-mount and wrap-mount auxiliary cameras?

The auxiliary camera itself is the same. Flush-mount cameras come with a mounting bracket attached, and are also known as rear cameras. Wrap-mount cameras come with hose clamps and a silicone pad in the box, and are also known as side cameras.

If the auxiliary camera temporarily loses connection to the main dashcam, are the recordings saved?

Yes. The recordings are saved on the auxiliary camera's SD card. Once the connection is re-established, the recordings are transferred to the main dashcam.

Can you pair both WiFi and wired auxiliary cameras to one dashcam?

We have tested connecting the dashcam with up to four auxiliary cameras of either only wireless or only wired models.

If there’s an obstruction that causes an interruption, but then that obstruction is removed, will the connection be picked back up again?

Yes. Once the auxiliary camera is connected, it will always try to look for its “home”.

If the Wi-Fi connection is lost between the auxiliary cameras and the dashcam, can it be remotely reconnected without having to physically touch the dashcam?

Currently, there is no option to connect remotely.

Does the auxiliary camera have live view?

The auxiliary cameras have live view from the Surfsight® Portal, but not from the dashcam. From the dashcam, you can view auxiliary camera recordings.

How many hours of video recording can the auxiliary camera store?

The SD card has 64 GB and stores about 100 hours of video.

Can you remove the SD card from the auxiliary camera?

No. The auxiliary camera should not be opened. Each one comes with a two year warranty in case of any issues. The warranty is voided if you open up the camera.

Can you mount an auxiliary camera with a dashcam mounting bracket?

No. The auxiliary camera mounting bracket and dashcam mounting bracket are not interchangeable.

Does connecting auxiliary cameras to a dashcam affect the recording time available on the dashcam?

When auxiliary cameras are connected to a dashcam, the available memory in the dashcam SD card is split between the dashcam and all connected auxiliary cameras.

For more information, see Auxiliary camera overview

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